How to Increase Per Bill Value | The Atomic success habits cover

How to Increase Per Bill Value | The Atomic success habits

MindSpeak Webinar

Instructor: Dr Ujjwal Patni

Language: Hindi and English

Validity Period: 7 days

₹5100.00 excluding 18% GST

1203 BJ Money as Cashback

This session is the recording of the super successful program conducted for MindSpeak members on 2nd May. 

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What will you learn:

  • How to increase per bill value at negligible cost
  • How to increase customer delight
  • How to increase average basket size
  • Low-cost methods of getting more sales 
  • The secret science of sensory marketing
  • How to make every salesman a super salesman
  • How to impact the subconscious mind of customers for quick and more buying 



  • More results with less staff
  • More conversion of customers
  • More turnover and profit
  • Save the cost of advertisement and other external expenses
  • Increase the selling ability of the sales team 
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