What is
Business Jeeto
Club Membership


This membership is the most powerful and affordable knowledge membership on this planet. Just at a cost of monthly Pizza & Movie, you can do multiple valuable courses on life and business. Low cost, numerous privileges, genuine terms, flexibility of usage and massive financial benefits make this membership a must acquire thing for you. This membership will be offered to limited people on first come and first serve basis. You can also gift this membership to your loved ones. Before taking the membership, read below to understand the unbelievable offerings and privileges that come at a symbolic cost.




Get Magic Box
Worth 2 Lakhs
Free with Club MEMBERSHIP


Get Never Ending Magic Box Worth lakhs

With every membership, you get access to The Mighty Magic Box. The Magic Box is full of 500 plus Business documents, formats, articles, books, templates and business plans. This will save huge agency and document buying costs. Whenever you need any document, policy or format, search this box first and pick any document of your choice from this massive collection. The treasure is precious and it took years to build this collection. Magic Box will add new and latest elements from different corners of world intermittently thus keeping the magic alive. This will become the biggest business library for entrepreneurs in times to come.

Why you
must grab
right now


Transform at Super-affordable Cost Per month

Unbelievable but true, at a super-affordable cost per month, you can access any course with your BJ money. It is super-affordable because membership has a long validity of 24 months at just Rs 30000. You can also avail EMI as per your credit card terms. With membership, you will be able to complete multiple courses. This low cost powerful membership can take complete care of your business & life. Join now to get maximum launch privileges.

Double Money Back InstantLY

As soon as you buy membership, you get double (2 X) money back in your Business Jeeto account immediately. This double money can be used unconditionally on any club course. All the prices are genuine and 100% ethical. This money lasts till your membership lasts without any hidden terms. Transform your life and business with this great financial benefit.

06 Live webinars worth up to 50000 free

Live webinars free with Dr Ujjwal Patni and other top experts. Business Jeeto will keep on conducting webinars on various topics. Member can choose a topic of interest and be a part of these six webinars only for privileged members.

Two live seminars at a token fee of 1000, Benefit of upto 15000

Get entry in two live seminars at a token management price of 1000 Rs per program in the city of your choice. The annual calendar will be open to you. If you are unable to attend, you can send anyone as your representative. (original price up to 9000 per program)

BJ Money applies on Discounted Price, GET SUPER BENEFIT

Get huge benefit because money will be applied at discounted Price (If a course of 45000 INR is offered at a discounted price of 11000 INR on the site, your BJ Money shall be applied on discounted price of 11000 INR). This brings you multi X benefit and you are able to do more number of courses at lowest possible cost.

Use BJ money unconditionally on Club courses

All the courses of Dr Ujjwal Patni on business, life start-ups, staff training, personality development, network marketing are BJ club courses. Also access BJ club courses of other top trainers as and when they are launched.

Do offline (Live) programs of your choice with this membership

After attending online, if you feel like attending offline, you can use your full BJ money unconditionally to pay up to 33% of VIP, Business Audit, Business Gurukul and One day Programs of Dr Ujjwal Patni. Now do offline or online, it is your choice. You can even have a great mix of both and this brings enormous never before flexibility.

Membership Policy

1. The unused BJ money shall carry forward with the renewal of club membership.
2. If club membership is not renewed than the unused BJ money shall behave like that of any regular user. i.e.

a. Only Partial redemption shall be allowed on courses as specified.
b. The BJ Money shall get expired after some time.

3. The membership cannot be cancelled and transferred.
4. All the courses of Dr Ujjwal Patni will always be a part of Membership.
5. Courses of other experts marked as club courses will be part of membership
6. Courses can be accessed only on registered devices.