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25 Retail Success Mantras

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Free Course Valid Till 31st January 2021

MRP: ₹ 4000

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Instructor: Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Language: Hindi and English

Validity Period: 180 days

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This revolutionary retail webinar is brought to you absolutely free.


We have some extraordinary courses of retail sales. These courses are availed to you after deep research done by Dr. Patni and are practically experimented. If you want to be a champion in retail sales, go through the courses listed below.


9S of Selling Skills: If you want to increase your sales greatly without hiring any additional sales staff, make your current staff do this course now. Starting from customer’s entry to the point where the product is sold, the journey is divided into 9 components i.e. 9S. Your business will grow immediately with improvements in each S.


Retail Sales Training Pack: This is a must-do course for all Business Owners and Retail Staff. This is super-effective for clothing, jewellery and other lifestyle retail. This will enable you to get more sales from less staff, more bill value per customer, and ultimately more turnover. This pack contains three courses. 


Cross-selling & Up Selling: This is the first course of India for the retail workforce in simple Hindi language that uses a lot of real-life examples and practical tips to increase the performance of every salesman. After doing this course, a salesman will immediately be able to start selling more quantities of the existing goods to the same customer, increasing turnover and profit immensely.


13 mistakes of retail sales force: After years of training in the retail sector and doing research, Dr. Ujjwal Patni found that every salesman, junior or senior, makes several mistakes every day. After doing intensive research, 13 most common mistakes were identified and they have been talked about in this course.


How to increase sales by stimulating 5 senses: Did you know that after tasting a certain type of food, after smelling a particular smell, or after hearing particular music, your customers will make quick purchase decisions? Very few trainers touch this super-specialized subject because it involves an in-depth understanding of human psychology and Dr. Ujjwal Patni is among the top experts on this subject in the Asian continent.


Customer Relationship Management (CARTIER): Customer Relationship Management helps businesses successfully implement strategies, practices and technologies aimed at winning and retaining customers profitably.


This course will teach you:  


  • How to retain your customer
  • How to make your organization customer-centric
  • How to provide lifetime value to your customers
  • How to manage customer value 
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