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Fifty simple habits that bring money, fame and free time to billionaires

Technology Habits will reduce mobile and technology time

Daily Success Habits will bring fame and wealth

Personal Productivity Habits will make you super effective

Family Habits for work life balance and quality upbringing of kids

Super Achiever Habits will bring you in the top most league

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Desire to be super productive and very effective at work

Want to learn the secret success habits of billionaires and achievers

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Want to be a part of power network in your city and society

Are not able to give time to your family and want a work life balance

Want to make more money and be successful in life

Want to become a rolemodel for your children

Want immediately implementable Practical ideas

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3 Months post program implementation support on call as per request

2 Days learning program in star class hotels

The life changing activity of "The Grand Game of Deletion"

Brain storming session, real life success stories, meditation and intense session, a never before experience

Printed Manual, Stationary, Beautiful Certificate, Motivational DvDs and Book

Only 50 participants for personal attention and intense learning

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