Discover The Hidden Strategies, Tactics, Systems, And Habits That’ll Allow You To Grow Your Business And Income... Even During The Ongoing Recession!

Business Jeeto Club empowers you with time freedom, tools to learn with your family and live a great lifestyle, all at an investment of a coffee a day.

You are delivered online in easy, pure Hindi & Hinglish. You can learn anytime, anywhere.

Dear Business Owner,

If you want to survive, thrive, and multiply your business even in troubled times and enjoy a better lifestyle than this is the most profitable investment you will ever make.

Here’s why;

In the last 20 years, Dr. Patni had developed amazing programs empowering thousands of business owners grow by 100%... 300%... 500%.... or even more in a very short time.

Most importantly, these business owners now enjoy more time with their family and leisure activities and live a great lifestyle without worrying about the future.

How is it all possible?

You see, Dr. Patni’s programs have a long-established track record of brilliant business results – you may read about many of them below.

These ‘special programs; deliver realistic, valuable advice and business secrets in his simple, easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow style – which you can straight away put to use.

And the beauty is, you do NOT need any special skill, any special experience, any special team or any special budget to apply whatever you learn.

Plus, his motivating, heart-centered style makes you move ahead passionately even in a situation where you have lost all the hope.

No long theories, no jargon.

Dr. Patni goes straight to the core of your problem – what’s stopping you from growing your business to the next level - Narrow thinking; Profit leakages; Finance loopholes; Team issue; Poor sales; Poor Habits and more.

However, until now, all these programs were offline and available only at very premium pricing.

But to meet the growing needs of the business owners - Dr. Patni figured out an extremely affordable way for any business owner willing to transform.

For the first time, Dr. Patni has teamed up with some of India’s top business and success coaches to help you win your game even in the difficult times.

Introducing Business Jeeto Club (BJ Club).

Exclusive Online library packed full of business lessons, all designed to provide you with actionable strategies, processes, tools, and tips when you need it… from anywhere, anytime.

Ultimate Learning Source For Serious, Growth-Seeking Business Owners

Becoming a Business Jeeto Club (BJ Club) member is the perfect way to:

  • Learn how the most profitable and most successful business owners run their entire business (sale, people management, operations, finance….)
  • Build mindset, habits, attitude to go from where you are to where you want to be…
  • Learn about mistakes that are costing you millions and making you play small even after tremendous hard work…
  • Get realistic, workable, “ready to use” tips, insights, and ‘industry wisdom’ from some of India’s most successful coaches…
  • Learn how to build a brand your customers love….
  • Get special deals, and exclusive ‘members only’ offer (more about it in a minute).

No matter which industry, sector, subsector, just started yesterday or been running your business for decades BJ club is for you.

No matter what’s your situation right now, making loss, stagnant, growing, and thriving, you will benefit from this.

“Our turnover has grown nearly 5 times... I now do business in 8 states…” I am a changed person now. Our turnover has grown nearly 5 times. Instead of serving nearby states, I now do business in 8 states and growing nationally. In fact, I have invested and expanded even during the demonetization. My habits have improved. At the top of it, I now devote more time to my family. All this is the direct result of associating with Dr. Ujjwal Patni.” – Durgesh Gupta, Chairman Apex Batteries, UP

“From the mere positioning of an apparel manufacturer to National Designer Wear Brand “My Brother Akesh Ji, and I were able to make 3 landmark decisions that changed the course of our lives forever. Without Dr. Patni, it would have taken another 10 years to make such a bold decision. In a year, we were able to move up the value chain from the mere positioning of an apparel manufacturer to National Designer Wear Brand.” – Harsh Bhotika, Director, WNW Kolkata

Invaluable Source Of Our Most Successful Offline Programs Now ONLINE… Available At Less Than The Price Of A Coffee

We want to remove every practical reason for you not to advantage of this club.

First, let me tell you, the BJ Club membership for 2 years is only Rs 30000 + taxes.

That is just nearly Rs 41 a day.

Isn’t it amazing?

Just imagine, by investing approx Rs 41 a day – you can take your business to a level you have never thought possible.

And you can learn at the comfort of your home or office at your pace.

The most amazing part is, when you invest Rs 30000 plus GST, we will DOUBLE your money back.

So, every penny of the Rs 35400 membership fee you pay goes into a wallet under your name. Plus, we instantly ‘credit’ another Rs 35400 in this wallet we call the BJ Money.

So, you have a total of 70800 as BJ money and full freedom on how to invest.

Where can you invest your BJ money?

Get our most popular and best-selling programs at up to 70% discount

Inside the club, you’ll find a preview of each program.

Start with your most problematic areas - business, life,retail, soft skills, network marketing, startups and more.

Still, let me just give you a sneak-peak to what’s stored for you.

One of our programs is called the Business Audit program.

You’ll learn to analyze your business from 100+ crucial areas smartly. If the company is your heart - these audits are like diagnosing the blockages.

Without waiting for things to get worse, you can start auditing your business on your own.

At the top, programs get you Dr. Patni’s expert recommendations and implementation advice.

Even if you make small small, smart changes, you can quickly see a significant positive impact on your business even during the recession.

Participants have happily paid Rs 46610 for this program. But as a BJ Club member, you get it for only Rs 12999, and you can fully pay from your Rs 70800 BJ money.

“From a plan of 4 location to now 8 locations and we are FREE to use the time the way we want…” “We thought to grow to 4 shops among 4 brothers. That was our limited plan before associating with Dr. Ujjwal Patni. I am so happy to share that we now operate through 8 different locations. What’s more exciting is, we do NOT have to visit each site every day to run the show personally. We are FREE to use the time the way we want. Everything is system driven. And till now, we have only applied a small percentage of what we have learned from Dr. Patni. What our entire family like most is, his pieces of advice are very, very specific, and easily doable for anyone. Piyush Agrawal, (Company name and city)

Another of our best-selling program is Make More Money from your Existing Business.

You will learn practical, ready-to-use, and easy-to-follow techniques on how to grow your existing business - with zero to minimal investment.

Once you know these techniques, based on hundreds of success stories, there is no reason why you can’t grow.

VIP - The success habit program - This single program has changed thousands of lives across India and overseas, and it can change yours.

You see, Dr. Patni started from scratch and became an international brand while influencing millions of lives - all because of certain habits.

And these habits are the secrets behind some of the most successful, most happy, and most wealthy business owners today.

Would you like to quickly develop these habits to start attracting great wealth and success automatically?

Offline this program is Rs 46610, and when you join BJ Club, it is only Rs 12999, and you can use your BJ money.

This single program alone is worth multiple times your investment.

“Transformed my life; my relationships have transformed…” I lost my confidence because I was not able to give time to my kids and my wife because of due to extreme work pressure. VIP -The Success Habits has transformed my life; my relationships have transformed, and I am now closer to my family like never before.” – Satish Mantri, Director, Shree Shivam Group Nagpur

Let me share you about - Business Gurukul

This program is consistently transforming businesses for the last 10 years.

Convenient, most updated, gold-standard MBA in a very condensed form so that you can start growing/improving every area of your business from tomorrow.

You get the crux of all of it at Business Gurukul.

Plus 50+ such power-packed programs at 60% to 70% discounted pricing.

Roughly, with all these experts and library of ‘special program,’ you have access to 500+ years of experience on demand.

These programs have helped business owners succeed despite fierce completion, and shortages of money, time, and other resources.

So, no trial and error. No wasted efforts. Especially now, when you can’t afford to make mistakes.

Get instant access and start discovering dozens of business secrets immediately.

A long list of ever-increasing benefits

Here’s what more you will get when you become the Business Jeeto Club Member Today

20% extra credit – Every time you invest in a program, we will credit 20% of the price of the program in your exclusive account.

For example – you unlocked a program of Rs 12999, we’ll instantly credit 20% as BJ Money.

FREE Access to 6 live Webinar (worth Rs 50000) - These are pure business problem-solving, sales multiplication, or personal mastery sessions.

No sales pitch, no time-wasting - these webinars directly solve pressing problems that needed to be addressed right now – liken fighting recession, managing finance, generating new sales, setting plans for growth and profits, and more.

Mighty Magic Box [FREE] - On a click, you’ve access to over 500 plus business documents, formats, articles, books, templates, and business plans.

For example – Business planning and financial projection; Business incorporation; Sales forecast and tracker; External Agency onboarding and contracts; Marketing planning and evaluations; HR policy; Invoice templates; NDA; Vendor agreement – and such other 500+ documents.

Access to Live Seminars - With just a token of Rs 1000 per program you (or your representative) can attend two live programs – worth Rs 9000 each - in your town/city.

Access to offline programs – After online, if you want, you can use your full BJ money unconditionally to pay up to 33% for offline VIP The Success Habit, Business Audit, Business Gurukul, and One-day Programs of Dr. Ujjwal Patni.

Learn, network, make new business collaboration with other reputed business owners.

Train your team – instead of investing lakhs of rupees on external trainers, put your team together and let them watch our programs related to operations, sales, customer management, and more.

Ask your team to follow what Dr. Patni suggests and watch as your team’s motivation goes up, their performance rises, and your business improves.

Exclusive deals - every often you will get member’s-only privileges that the public never hears about.

Leverage our elite network - Get trusted, high-quality service providers and agencies endorsed by BusinessJeeto. Get personal coach experts at implementing Dr. Patni’s strategies and models - all a special discounted pricing for BJ members.

Advanced Insights For ‘360-Degree’ Development From Dozens Of Guest Experts

In addition to Dr. Patni, you will learn from other top coaches and experts. Some of our recent ones include:

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai – ‘Corporate Chanakya’ famed and author of 10 best-selling books Dr. Pillai is India’s top authority on management lessons of Chanakya.

Karad Kakkad – An international Nutri-genomics & Disease Reversal expert, Karad introduces you to a famed global topic - ‘Concept Behind Reversing Lifestyle Diseases’.

Plus, other renowned experts, we will keep on updating as we move along. Some of these programs will be FREE as a surprise gift for you.

There is nothing like BJ Club at any price, anywhere.

How BJ Club Will Make The Difference In Your Business, In Your Life

Amongst other prominent benefits, here’s below some of the most popular stories we regularly hear from our participants.

You’ll be able to build more value/income/respect – you see customers, partners, employees like to associate with business owners who are growing, advancing, improving, doing different and new things. When you join BJ club, you will learn how to do it.

You’ll be able a build a unique, reputed image in your community – you’ll be confident, learned, polished, and soon your community will recognize your suggestions and ideas.

You’ll be able to outsmart and out beat your competition – you’ll be able to focus on things that matter to your business, you’ll learn how to position yourself differently and win customers, and your competitors will not have a clue.

You’ll be able to make smarter decisions faster – what makes 90% of the business owners stay small is delaying the critical decision for the future. Some of our members made decisions they wouldn’t have made in the next 10 years. You’ll thing BIG that may even help your generations to come.

And much much more.

“Dr. Patni highlighted certain things to focus on, which were either ignored or given the least importance. And that made all the difference.” Prem Agarwal

Here’s The Opportunity of Your Lifetime

People have paid Rs 50000 to Rs 3 lakh for Dr. Patni’s top-selling program plus traveling and lodging.

But thanks to BJ club, you can take these programs at 70% discounted price at the comfort of your home or office, at your own pace.

Like I said earlier, BJ Club membership for 2 years is only Rs 30000+ taxes.

That is just approx Rs 41 a day.

Plus, we will DOUBLE your money back.

We will instantly ‘credit’ another Rs 30000 in your BJ Money account.

So, you have a total of Rs 70800 as BJ money with full flexibility to invest.

And 20% extra instant credit on every program you unlock.

So, the question you should be asking yourself is not whether this investment is right for you, but how fast you can apply all this in your business.

I can promise you this: you’ll be amazed you got by with this low of investment once you get into the program and realize just how much you learn and grow.

You see, even if you apply one good idea -maybe getting and keeping good customers or freeing your time using systems, or building one wealth habit, you will get multiple times return on your investment.

Either You Are Growing Upward Of Falling Downward, There’s Nothing Stagnant In Business

One of the fastest and surest ways to grow is to learn valuable business skills.

And another surest way to grow is by taking ACTION.

BJ Club is your key to start, grow, and expand your business even in the ongoing recession.

So, let me ask you.

Are you saying yourself ‘someday?’

Isn’t ‘someday’ another way of saying ‘never’?

Frankly, the ONE thing that almost always separates the most successful business owners from the mediocre one is the ability to take action.

If you have the drive, and if you are willing to act, I will supply you with all the knowledge, tools, and tactics you need to succeed in life and business.

Just one big idea or one new or improved business system can earn you huge income and time every month.

If you are interested in turning this small investment into the most profitable decision you’ve made this year, then I invite you to join us and let us show you the proven roads to business riches.

I invite you to join us. I want you to be successful, wealthy and healthy as a result of all our efforts.

Get instant access now.


PS; There are 3 reason to act now

  1. The #1 reason to act now—and this is important—is so that you can start putting these breakthrough business strategies and tactics immediately. If you not onboard yet, you are missing on valuable business secrets that can dramatically improve your capability.
  2. Nicely discounted pricing and Rs 30000 instant BJ money credit is a limited time offer- it may not last long. Plus special launch offer comes with ‘surprise free programs’ which we will soon be adding as things get normalize. It will only be available to early joining members.
  3. Competition is getting fierce; customers are getting matured, and margins are shrinking. You do not want to be left behind. You must adapt to a new, advanced way of running your business NOW before it’s too late.

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