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Goal Setting & Achieving


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Instructor: Nisha Anand

Language: Hindi and English

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Do you often find yourself rushing at the last minute to meet deadlines? Or feel like your team is working hard but not quite achieving their goals? Do you find yourself having lost direction and see yourself in the midst of chaos? Do you feel you don't belong to where you are and wished you were rather somewhere else? Do you feel you have greater potential but aren't getting the right opportunities or that well deserved promotion?


Do you want to live a life with more happiness, more contentment, more freedom, more money than you ever thought possible?


By working to a well thought out and structured plan you can align yourself and your team around a common vision, inspire motivation and push yourself to achieve more. The ability to look ahead and plan out your high-level strategy while at the same time also dividing large goals into small tasks, will cure procrastination and deliver large scale changes within a relatively short time.

Utilising effective goal setting techniques will enable you to achieve all of these aims and improve your overall experience while doing so.


This course will help you change the way you view each day and encourage you to focus on the results you deliver at the end of the day. You will learn both short and long-term goal setting as an important function of your role and also learn ways to Achieve them.


You will learn how successful people use goal setting to achieve extraordinary results, and you will come away with practical examples of how to implement goal setting.


This course will be taught as an interactive training program and will provide you with plenty of practical tools and scientifically effective techniques to ensure you gain the desired results.


Who can do this course?


This course is ideally aimed at anyone who wants a Life of his/her choice rather than an outcome of unplanned circumstances. Anyone who is willing to dream big and work hard to turn it into reality can make the most of this course. It can be beneficial to students, employees, business owners, homemakers or any professionals.




By taking part in this course, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits –


  • Learn how to access your deep rooted desires and turn them to Goals
  • Learn how to plan your day to ensure it is productive and satisfying than ever
  • Curing procrastination and productivity inefficiencies
  • Feeling more fulfilled with your work as you progress towards success milestones
  • A greater understanding of how your role ties into the larger company vision
  • Learn how to implement the planned goals and step-by-step process to Achieve them
  • Learn ways to keep yourself motivated until you achieve your goals
  • Continued personal development




  • Internationally acclaimed, well research and scientifically proven tools and techniques to help you connect to access your potential power, your deep rooted beliefs and desires
  • Customised resources with highly participative workbooks in Hindi and English to follow the instructions
  • Completely practical course with easy to implement techniques to see instant and effective results already benefited by millions
  • Easy access and simplified learning for quick understanding
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