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Customer Relationship Management (CARTIER)


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Instructor: Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Language: Hindi and English

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Customer Relationship Management helps businesses successfully implement strategies, practices and technologies aimed at winning and retaining customers profitably. This course will teach you how to create a customer-focused business that will keep customers satisfied and coming back for more. In this course, you will learn how to shift from a short-term customer transaction-based mode of operation to a long-term relationship mode and understand the benefits of having strong customer relations. You will get 20 action plans, 20 reference articles to implement Customer Relationship Management.

Businesses aims at winning and keeping customers. Their competitors also seek to do the same. Even the most successful firms with excellent marketing programs for attracting customers have trouble with customer retention. Dr. Ujjwal Patni has coined a term CARTIER for Customer Relationship Management to make it very simple for you. 

  • C - Complain
  • A - Advice
  • R - Reference
  • T - Testimonials
  • I - Information
  • E - Engagement
  • R - Rewards

The objectives of the program are to:  

  • How to retain your customer
  • How to make your organisation customer-centric
  • How to provide lifetime value to your customers
  • How to manage customer value 

Benefitting thousands of entrepreneurs across the country for over 10 years, this course has been equally powerful for small and medium business owners, ranging from 20 lakhs to a thousand crores.


This course is for:

Individual business owners, business families, partners of SMEs and MSMEs.



Business formats worth lakhs, large and diverse course materials, worksheets, ready-to-implement policies, multiple case studies, videos, and articles. For real benefits from the course, please follow the advice given on how to study the section.

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