9S of Selling Skills - Free Module
9S of Selling Skills - Free Module cover

9S of Selling Skills - Free Module


MRP: ₹14400

Instructor: Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Language: Hindi

Validity Period: 15 days

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If you want to increase your sales greatly without hiring any additional sales staff, make your current staff do this course now. Starting from the customer’s entry to the point where the product is sold, the journey is divided into 9 components i.e. 9S. Your business will grow immediately with improvements in each S. To understand the concepts better, read the examples below:


S- Sambandh Banaao: This teaches the art of building and sustaining a relationship with the customer.


S- Secure Future Sales: This part teaches the skill of getting additional sales from the same customer in the future.


This course is for:

Every staff and owner is involved in a retail business.



Immediate growth in sales, minimum cost, savings expenses involved in live training, and additional benefits when taking the course for multiple staff members. For real benefit from the course, please follow the advice given on how to study the section.


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