21 Business Success Strategies Live Webinar
21 Business Success Strategies Live Webinar Recording cover

21 Business Success Strategies Live Webinar Recording

Instructor: Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Language: Hindi

Validity Period: 60 days

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21 Business Success Strategies is a unique program designed by Top Business Coach Dr. Ujjwal Patni. Dr. Patni is delivering business coaching, mentoring and consultation from last 20 years to top business owners and entrepreneurs nationally and internationally. During his one-to-one meeting sessions with top entrepreneurs, he always indulges in intense discussions to understand the innovative practices and success strategies they have been applying to maintain their top position in the industry.


Businesses did not achieve the top slot over a night they have worked hard day and night to achieve the aspired results. They have failed many times but they didn’t stop putting in the right efforts. In short, you don’t have a successful plan as what applies in one industry will not be effective to others. So you have to continuously get coached and mentored by Top Business coaches. To get 100+ instant solutions for your business problems Click the Link or Call: 88787-59999


21 Business Success Strategies will guide you to understand the major success strategies which once applied in your business with consistent efforts can give you desired business success.


  • 10 real business case studies
  • Inventory strategies
  • Leadership strategies
  • Product innovation strategies
  • Business model strategies
  • Acquisition strategies
  • Synergy strategies
  • Customer delight strategies
  • Training & culture strategies
  • Product development & promotional strategies
  • Many more surprises


Attend this with your key team members and top management | Low cost, super-effective | highly impactful and result-oriented | Even if one strategy is adopted it will do miracle


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This course is for:

Every individual who wants to get success in business and profession


  • Learn how to manage your inventory and deal with dead stocks
  • Learn how to become an industry leader and deal with competition
  • Learn how product innovation can build your distinct identity
  • Learn how your right practices will transform you as a business model
  • Learn how acquisition and synergies can create profitable business opportunities
  • Learn how to transform your happy customers into delighted customers
  • Learn how systematic training and culture-building can increase product sales
  • Learn the latest trends and practices to develop and promote your products
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