What is an

 Employee handbook?


What is an employee handbook?

Employee handbook (also known as an employee manual or staff handbook) is a document that defines a company’s key policies and procedures and outlines its company culture.

An effective employee handbook clearly communicates your company’s mission, values, policies and rules to your new and existing employees. An employee handbook provides an introduction to your company and the way your work. Simply put, an employee handbook explains who you are as the company, how you function and what you expect from your employees.

An employee handbook should be given to new employees from the employer on their first day at work - or even earlier! A good practice is to send an employee handbook along with a welcome letter or email to new employees as a part of their onboarding process.

Why should you have an employee handbook?

You are obligated to inform your staff about company policies and their rights and responsibilities while they work for you. An employee manual helps you streamline your internal operations. It helps you communicate better with your staff. 

A staff handbook can also answer the frequently asked questions your staff may have about policies. It is a useful tool while onboarding new staff. Through a handbook, you can share your company’s values, goals and work culture with your new employees.

  • Save on HR time

We know how difficult it is to have business frequently interrupted by queries about child care, annual leave etc. If employees have access to a complete document that answers all their questions, it will reduce time spent troubleshooting issues. This will leave your team free to get on with doing the more important things.

  • Formalized policies

In order to write your employee handbook, you will have to clearly define your business and employee policies and procedures. Writing an employee handbook will help you formalize and organize your company’s policies, having them all in one place.

  • Improved onboarding

An employee handbook is especially important for your new employees who just started working at your company. An employee handbook is a valuable tool in employee onboarding because it helps new employees orient and gets up to speed faster.

  • Follow employment law

Although employee handbooks aren’t a legal requirement, you are legally obliged to make sure your employees are aware of all company policies. Gathering all of this information together in one place is the easiest way to do this.

  • Company culture outlined

An employee handbook is much more than a list of policies, rules and regulations. A great employee handbook clearly communicates your company’s mission, vision and values, thus outlining your company’s culture.

Get to know tips and tricks to make a good and helpful Employee Handbook in our next blog!